United/Förenad. Acrylic and oil on canvas 1987

Woman. Mixed media on canvas. 200x165cm

Red Father & son. Acylic on canvas 200x165cm

Warrier. Acrylic on canvas 185x160cm

Old human by the door. Acrylic on canvas 185×165

In the pyramid. Oil on canvas 180x165cm

Happy Horney Man Family. Mixed media on canvas 200x165cm

Mother and son. Mixed media on canvas 180x160cm

Stage/Scen. Masks in the sand. acrylic and oil on canvas 180x165cm

Dreamt woman. Oil on canvas 127x195cm

In the church. mixed media on canvas 195x97cm

Erected arm in Andalusian studio. Gouache on paper. 120x95cm

Naked son. Pastel and watercolor on paper 120x100cm

Pietá. Acrylic on paper and plastic film. Girona 1986 150x120cm

Nacimiento. Acrylic on paper and plastic film. 150x120cm

Until death unite us. Oil on canvas 195x97cm

Lucifer. Oil on canvas 195x97cm