An exhibiting of more than 260 paintings, drawings, photos and prints depicting both high and low aspects of a complex Mexican reality difficult to grasp. Irrespective of the dark traces, it honors and cheers life-Viva!

A Mexican woman. Mixed media on wood.

A Madonna. Ink and acrylic on wood 100x75cm

A hand. 
Ink and gouache on plywood

Viva! at Gallery Konstepidemin 2016

Viva! Gallery Konstepidemin, Mixed media on wood 100x75cm

A child. Gouache and ink on plywood 100x75cm

A woman. Gouache and ink on plywood 100×75 cm

A performer / A beggar / Engels
. Three prints on canvas
, each 100x132cm

En performer. 
Photo on canvas 100x132cm

Angels. Photo on canvas 100x132cm

Viva! Photo on paper. 21x16cm

Torso. Photo on paper. 21x16cm

The look. Photo on paper. 21x16cm

Mask. Photo on paper. 21x16cm

Madonna. Painting on paper 21x16cm

Mixed media on paper. Each 21x16cm

























The objects in this exhibition – paintings, drawings and photos – are all based on the various actual social, political and religious backgrounds I have confronted during several sojourns abroad, in this case in Mexico, and on the experiences made there.
The abundance of object’s aims to give form to the complexity of a reality difficult to grasp, at the same time, invite the observer to form his own associations by linking significant parts and creating possible meaningful connections and combinations.
My intension was to observe, to document and then to share it all. On the gallery wall’s, the images mingle high and low. 
Above eye-level various Madonnas of all dimensions share the space with men in power. Below them, in the street, living bodies appear together with all sorts of trivia, a floor, a martyr, a drain, a wound, a rope, a hand, …

It is not safe for you to sleep here tonight. Mixed media on canvas, 217x930cm.

Viva – Wall in studio. Each 21x16cm mixed media.

La Jugera I. Gouache and ink on paper. 21x16cm

La Jugera II. Gouache and ink on paper. 

Mexico dia 47. Gouache on paper 21x16cm

Little brother I.  Gouache and ink on paper. 

Little brother II. Gouache and ink on paper.

Brother II. Gouache and ink on paper. 21x16cm

Brother I.  Gouache on paper 21x16cm

Father. Pencil on paper 21x16cm

Son. Pencil on paper 21x16cm

Viva! in The Face and Identity exhibition at Silkeborg Bad Denmark 2017

Brother II. Mixed media on paper

Begger I. Mixed media on paper 21x16cm

Begger II. Mixed media on paper 21x16cm

Begger III. Mixed media on paper 21x16cm

Jesus. Mixed media on paper 21x16cm

Tree with rope. Gouache and ink on paper

Santo II. Gouache and ink on paper 21x16cm

Domingo. Gouache and ink on paper 21x16cm

Mummy. Gouache on paper 21x16cm

Toilet. Mixed media on paper 21x16cm