Nils Ramhøj articulates multiple combinations of painting, drawing, photography, objects, as well as installation and performance. Since 1985, the year of his son’s birth, Ramhøj’s work has revolved around his family, partners and friends, and more specifically around the father-son relationship. Ramhøj's exploration of his father's immortality can be seen as an illustration of the saying, “We die twice – first, our body dies; we die a second time after our death – when we are forgotten.” In his artwork, which always derives from personal experience, Ramhøj shows his interest in human conditions, both individual and collective, including religion and politics, mind and body, ageing and death, relationships and sexuality. This has resulted in series such as Pictures of a Father, Offspring, Vessel, Mexican Images. The gallery installation Up against the wall and the outdoor installation Reconstruction - Betula nostalgia both focused on human vulnerability exposed to the cynical mechanisms at work in our society's avid global market economy. Ramhøj lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden, but has also been active as an artist in England, Spain and Mexico. His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. THE SITE IS IN PROGRESS